3 Telltale Signs That A Gutter System Repair Is Needed Immediately

9 May 2023
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There are a variety of maintenance activities that homeowners tend to do when the spring and summer months arrive. Many of these activities involve assessing any damages that fall and winter may have caused. They may also choose to use spring and summer as a time to beautify the exterior of their properties and improve their curb appeal. During these self-assessments, it is important to take note of the gutters. Chances are that they may have sustained damage or need to be cleaned. If a gutter repair is not completed, homeowners will put their homes at risk for significant damage to the roof or foundation areas.

The following points identify a few types of rain gutter system gutter repairs.

Joint Separation

This is a phenomenon that commonly occurs when sectional gutters are installed. It is caused by stress in the joint area that causes the section to separate. The most common cause of the stress is debris accumulation. This is why roofers encourage homeowners to keep their gutters clean. It is a roofing service they can provide.

Some individuals choose to clean their own gutters. However, it is arduous and may be risky for some individuals. Roofers can install gutter guards after the gutter repair. The guards may prevent debris such as dirt and leaves from getting stuck in gutters. They can also prevent birds and pests from making gutters their habitat.

Physical Damage

Gutters may get cracks, and holes, or have loose screws, nails, or fasteners. This can lead to gutter leaks. Cracks and holes may be caused by old age, corrosion, impact, or strain from clogging. Loose fastener issues may occur when gutters are not properly maintained. Patching and caulking are appropriate gutter repair options for holes and cracks. Roofers can tighten or replace loose fasteners based on their condition. 

Improper Slope

This gutter repair issue will require a roofer to correct the slope. If slope issues are not corrected, it can lead to corroded gutters due to standing water. Another consequence is potential damage to the building materials of a home due to water spewing out of the sides of gutters and making contact with the sides. This can lead to wood rot and other repair issues.

A roofer is a good resource to use to learn more about rain gutter system repairs. They can inspect gutters and determine the best repair approach. Many homes have old gutters installed, and homeowners could benefit from upgrading them. If this is not in their budget, roofers can implement gutter repairs. This would give homeowners time to plan for a future gutter installation project. Roofers can help with plans and explain the benefits of transitioning from sectional gutters to seamless gutters.