Starting Your Food Storage? How To Keep The Mice Away

26 April 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you've decided that now's the right time to start an emergency food storage system, it's also time to consider pest problems. You might not realize this, but mice can become a serious problem around the house once you have a food storage system in place. Unfortunately, mice can target the increased food supply, which can spell disaster for your emergency storage. That's where the right type of mice control comes into the picture. If you're not sure how to prevent a mice infestation, read the list provided below. These tips will help you to keep the mice away from your food storage and from your home. 

Hire a Pest Control Service

If you're going to start an emergency food storage system at your home, the first thing you want to do is implement an effective way to control the mice. To do this, you need to hire a pest control service. A local pest control service can provide you with all of the necessities to keep mice away from your food storage. First, they'll treat your entire home with pesticides. This will help to keep other types of pests away from your food storage. Next, they'll set bait traps to control the mice population. These traps can include glue boards, snap traps, electronic traps, as well as catch-and-release traps. Finally, arrange to have continued pest control services several times a year to keep the mice away. 

Conduct a Home Inspection

Once you've arranged for mice control services, you'll need to conduct a thorough home inspection. This step is especially important for controlling mice infestations. During your inspection, you want to look for any areas where mice might be able to access your home. Some of these access points might include gaps in doorways, holes in window screens, and cracks in the stucco. If you find any of these access points, be sure to seal them up before you end up with a mice infestation. 

Choose the Right Containers

If you're ready to start a food storage program in your home, don't sell yourself short on the containers. The wrong storage containers can encourage mice activity. To increase the effectiveness of your mice control efforts, be sure to use airtight containers for your food storage. For maximum mice control, you should place prepackaged dry goods into airtight containers as well. 

Don't take chances with your food storage. At the first sign of mice activity, contact a pest control service near you.