When To Contact A Professional For Shower Door Repair

22 November 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Frameless glass shower doors look great. They make your bathroom more open, brighter, and look larger than it is. Most of the time, you don't have to give your shower doors a second thought. Of course, there will be times when something goes wrong. Luckily, the most common issues, such as doors that stick or won't stay closed, are issues you can fix at home yourself. However, there are problems that should be handled by a professional. If your glass shower doors are exhibiting any of the following, contact a professional glass repair company.

Door Dragging

While it might not seem like a bit issue, shower doors that drag are out of alignment. You may be able to slightly lift the door to move it to where you need it. However, leaving them out of alignment and lifting them about can eventually cause the glass to shatter. This could result in injuries to anyone in the bathroom. A professional will be able to remove the door, adjust the clamps to their proper position, and then replace the door in its correct alignment.

Door Scratches

You do not need to repair scratches in your glass shower doors, but you need to consider the fact that you got such doors for their aesthetic value. To keep them looking great, a professional can fill in larger, more obvious chips or cracks or buff out small scratches. If there is too much damage to a door, you may have to have it replaced.

Door Leaking

It is always best to have a professional look at shower doors if they are leaking. There could be more than one reason for the leaks. Regardless of the reason, a professional is the best bet to removing the doors, having them inspected, replacing the seals, and then reinstalling them. They will then test them to make sure all leaks are fixed.

You deserve to have frameless glass shower doors that move smoothly, look great, and do not let the water leak out onto the bathroom floor. If you have cleaned the tracking and made sure all the screws in the tracking are screwed all the way in and you are still having problems, contact a company that handles glass shower door repairs. It is the safest way to ensure your doors stay functioning properly and give your bathroom the look and appeal you want. Read more info here or check out other websites regarding shower door glass.