5 Tips For Choosing Custom Kitchen Blinds

10 June 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


It can be a challenge to find just the right window coverings for your kitchen. You need to balance the appearance with functionality in this high-use space where traditional options like curtains and drapes just won't work. Blinds can be the best option if you choose the right type. 

1. Window Size

Kitchen windows are often an odd size. They may be smaller than a standard window so they can fit over a sink, or they may be a box or bay-style window designed to give more space behind the sink or around a built-in eating nook. Fortunately, custom blinds can be made to fit the window no matter how challenging the size or shape. 

2. Light Quality

Light is often more important than privacy in a kitchen setting. For this reason, blinds that allow in plenty of natural light are best. If some privacy is necessary, consider translucent shades that allow in light while blocking prying eyes. Otherwise, wide-slat blinds that can be opened fully to allow in lots of light, or tilted slightly to block minor glares, are a good option. 

3. Maintenance

A kitchen can be a messy place with lots of moisture and food splatters. Opt for a blinds material that is easy to clean. The kitchen is not the place to install cloth blinds, for example. Vinyl, aluminum, and sealed wood all provide attractive options that can easily be cleaned with the assistance of a damp cloth. Wood may need to be resealed periodically, particularly when installed over a sink where humidity can cause damage. In this case, vinyl designed to mimic wood may be the best option.

4. Operation 

Corded blinds can be a pain in the kitchen, especially over the sink. The cord can hang down and get in the way. It may also absorb stains from dirty hands, which is unattractive and unhygienic. Look for cordless models that use wands or a motorized switch for operation, as these will be easier to operate and maintain in an active kitchen.

5. Color

Neutral colors are ideal in the kitchen, as this means you can update your decor without the need for purchasing new blinds every couple of years. Light colors provide the most light through, while darker colors can help camouflage small food stains so you don't have to clean quite as often. 

Contact a custom blinds supplier to see all the options that are available for your kitchen.