How To Battle An Ongoing Rodent Problem In The Home

2 March 2021
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If you routinely hear the sound of scratching from within your walls and you have discovered droppings in your home, eliminating mice from your structure is a concern. If you do not take action, mice are likely to reproduce and become harder to eliminate. Here are proactive steps to get mice out of your home for good.

Take Time To Seal Your Home From Outside Pests

If there are openings available for mice to get inside your home, they will continue to do so even after you take steps to eliminate them from the interior. Tending to the exterior of your home is one of the most important steps to stop a rodent problem. Conduct a full evaluation of your home's siding, windows, doors, foundation level, and rooftop for crevices and cracks that mice could wriggle through to the inside.

Mice can flatten themselves into small spaces, making it necessary to fill in any and all possible holes for effectiveness. Use caulk to seal holes immediately. Around windows and doors, attach pieces of weather-stripping to eliminate gaps. You may need to hire a contractor to assess your home's upper level if you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself.

Take Care Of Attractions Inside And Outside Your Home

Mice do not live in areas where they cannot find food. If you do not clean your home appropriately, there are bound to be crumbs of food lying around for mice to eat. Make an effort to clean up your meal preparation area in full after each session of use. Vacuum, sweep, or mop floors regularly as well. If you have pets, make sure to take up their food dishes after they have eaten. 

Outdoors, tend to your landscaping regularly so mice have fewer areas to hide or nest. If you use a fireplace and keep wood on your property, move it to an area far enough from your home that mice living among the pieces do not make their way closer to your building to seek warmth. Cover pools, birdbaths, ponds, and any other water source when items are not in use.

Trap Or Kill Mice Living Inside Your Structure

Mice living in your home may not find their way back outdoors, especially if you have sealed the exterior as necessary. Trapping and/or killing these inhabitants is necessary to effectively remove the rodent problem. Glue traps, snapper traps, or humane traps are purchasable from hardware or home goods stores. if these are not enough to do the trick, it is best to contact an extermination service. They use pesticides and trapping tools to eradicate pest invasions. Contact a mice control service for more information.