Creating a Theater-Style Movie Room in Your Home

30 January 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Having a home theater can give you a great place to spend time with family and entertain guests. With the right touches, you can make your home theater look more like a real theater in your home. Here are a few ideas you can put to use to create a stunning theater room in your home.

Custom Drapes

One touch that will make your space look like a traditional theater is custom drapes. Beautiful velvet drapes on either side of your projection screen or large-screen television create the look you see in movie theaters, and they can be drawn to cover the screen and protect it from dust when you aren't watching a film. If your room has windows, you may also want to consider blackout drapes to keep the room darkened for daytime viewing. Blackout drapes come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose an option that coordinates with the rest of the room. For a more modern look, consider motorized darkening shades, which can retract with a remote control when not in use. You can accent the shades with velvet drapes to match the ones you have near your screen.

Home-Theater Seating Consoles

Instead of simply adding a few recliners or sofas to the room, consider investing in home-theater seating consoles. This type of furnishing typically features several seats, each separated by an arm rest. Luxury styles even come with built-in speakers to make the home viewing experience more exciting. Be sure to look for seating arrangements that feature drink and snack holders so you can enjoy theater-style snacks. If possible, work with a contractor to add grading to your floors so each row of seats offers easy viewing of the screen. You can have your seats placed on special theater-style steps to achieve this goal.

Accent Lighting

Choosing the right lighting concept is important for your home-theater room. You can add recessed lighting to the ceiling, but be sure to install dimmers so you can select the right lighting for every setting. You may also want to add LED strip lighting to the floor, and this can make it easy for your guests to see should they need to leave the room in the middle of a film. For a decorative touch, consider adding two-way sconces on the walls in between each set of drapes. This can bring out the rich colors in the velvet drapes and add a classic finishing touch to your home-theater room.

Be sure to map out all of the ideas you plan to use in your home theater and take plenty of measurements so you can order the right drapes, furniture, and lighting fixtures to create a beautiful theater room to your home. Talk to a company such as F & R Interiors to learn more.