Covering Your Patio: Different Styles To Choose From

27 January 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


You love your patio for many things: relaxation, outdoor entertainment, landscape appeal and more. If you feel you are limited to only enjoying your outdoor space when the weather is nice, you need to think about adding a cover so you can use your porch even when it's snowing or raining outside. Patio cover installation can be a very simple process, involving a few hooks and brackets and the right material. The biggest obstacle in getting a patio cover may lie in what materials you choose for the project. Here are styles to choose from.

Wooden cover

If you want your wooden patio to continue with its rustic appeal and have a more closed-in room feel, then you will want to build a wooden cover to make the outdoor space more enjoyable. You will want to extend this covered roof to shield the entire length of your patio and have it designed on a slope so rain and snow doesn't accumulate on it. Put posts on the edge of your wooden cover to give it extra support so it doesn't sag with age.

Retractable cover

Often made of vinyl and other weather-resistant materials, a retractable cover allows you to choose when you want to expose your patio to the elements and when you'd rather have it be totally shaded or protected against foul weather. This type of cover often has a lip on the end of it that is exposed when its fully retracted in and offers a charming appeal when you have the cover fully extended out. This cover can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns, including stripes of chevron for added appeal to your home.

Pointed canopy

Made of vinyl, wood, or even aluminum, a pointed canopy cover gives your patio a gazebo effect and offers you plenty of room for putting in outdoor lighting. This type of cover is a great way to make your patio stand out as a beautiful extension of your home while allowing you to enjoy your landscape anytime you wish. You can choose the height of your pointed canopy cover for optimum use and enjoyment.

Talk to a contractor, like Aluminum  Builders Home Center, about which type of patio cover installation will work for you. Keep in mind the size of your patio, your normal weather conditions, what you use your patio for, and what your budget is when choosing a cover so you pick the one that fits your needs best.