Three Ways To Get Comfortable In The Window Seat On The Plane

25 January 2017
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If you are on a long-distance plane trip, you may be concerned about being comfortable. When you are flying economy class you will have limited space, so it is important that you bring along items that will make the trip just a little bit easier for you. If you want to be able to sleep, read, and work on your cross country trip, here are three items that you will need to bring with you on the plane for a comfortable ride in the window seat. 

One slim carry on

When you are in economy class, space will be at a premium. It is best to make sure that nothing has to remain underneath your seat so that you may stretch out your legs as much as possible. Take a slim carry on with you that is easy to slip into the overhead bin. A slim carry on or a carry on that is flexible means that even if you board the plane last, you will be able to slide the carry on in somewhere that will not take up your personal space area. 

Get an anti wrinkle travel pillow

One of the worst issues with speaking on the plane is not being able to recline your head on something soft. To combat this issue, get a travel pillow that is an anti wrinkle pillow with good padding. The padding will allow you to slide the pillow underneath your neck and relax your head in the seat. Since you will be in the window seat, you also be able to lay the pillow against the window to go to sleep. An anti wrinkle pillow will protect your face and make sure that your skin does not start to sag or pull, which can cause you to look tired when you land at your destination. 

Bring a thick blanket to stuff between the empty space

One of the problems that happens with the window seat is that you cannot comfortably lean against the window or put your back against the window because of a slight space between the window and the chair. In order to make yourself comfortable carry an extra blanket or a piece of foam that you can slide into the space between the seat. This will allow you to "fill in" the hole so that you do not sink into it in an uncomfortable way. This will allow you to prop your body up against the corner of the seat, providing you with more leg room and space to sleep, read, or work. 

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