Properly Caring For Your New Metal Wind Chimes

29 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you just purchased a set of metal wind chimes to hang on the exterior of your home, you are most likely excited to hear them make their pleasing tones whenever the wind picks up. Metal wind chimes require a bit of care to ensure they do not become prematurely worn or damaged. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your investment in the best possible shape for as long as possible

Take Time To Untangle The Chimes Regularly

It is important to check your wind chimes after storms or heavy winds to see if the strings or wires used to hold each metal piece are still hanging straight. Gently remove any tangles with your fingers. If you fail to untangle your wind chimes right away, it will be more difficult to do so at a later time as they will become more knotted. A quick check every few days will ensure the sounds you desire to hear will continue as they should.

Watch The Placement Of Your New Sound Piece

It is best to place your metal wind chimes in a location where they are not in the direct path of moisture. Excessive rainfall can lead to water spots on each metal portion as well as the chance of the wind chimes becoming lack luster in appearance. Look for a spot underneath the eave of your rooftop or in a spot where an awning is present. You can also install a hook to the ceiling of your front porch area to help protect your wind chimes from inclement weather. Do not put the wind chimes in a tree unless you don't mind wiping off the metal after each precipitation event to keep the wind chimes looking their best.

Polish Your Wind Chimes To Protect Them And Retain Their Appearance

A metal polishing agent can be purchased from a hardware or home goods store to use to keep your wind chimes shiny and new looking. Simply take your wind chimes down and set them on a clean towel. Use a piece of soft microfiber cloth to rub the agent on each metal piece. This will provide your wind chimes with a protective barrier to help keep the metal from weathering or becoming pitted from the elements outdoors. The polish can be reapplied whenever you feel the metal is not as shiny as it was when you had first purchased your wind chimes. This agent will help in prolonging the great appearance of your piece.

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