Organizing Tips For Your Self-Storage Unit

29 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Self storage units are used by millions of people for all different reasons. Someone may use it to store their boat or vintage car. Someone else may use it to store belongings they can't fit into their home. Other people may use it as a way to store seasonal items to keep them out of the garage, such as holiday decorations in the summer or bicycles and kayaks in the winter months. Whatever the reason you have your storage unit, organizing it correctly is key to helping you find everything you need when you need it, as well as being able to fit all of your items inside your unit. See below for organizing tips for your unit.

Keep Larger Items Close To The Walls

Place your larger items such as mattress, sofas or dressers near the walls. Be sure to leave some space between the wall and the piece of furniture to help prevent sweating or condensation. Be sure to cover your sofas with a sheet, and protect mattresses with a mattress protector (you can find one at your moving store, or check with your storage unit sales office). Dressers and other wooden furniture should also be protected with a sheet to keep dust off of it. 

Stack Boxes Properly

Be sure to stack boxes properly to prevent heavier boxes from falling into lighter boxes. Pack your boxes so they are completely full, and place heavier boxes at the bottom of a stack and lighter ones on top. Using newer boxes will help keep your items safe and won't fall apart as older used boxes will. Invest in newer boxes before packing up your items to take them to storage. Breakable or fragile items should be wrapped with bubble wrap, thick paper or packing peanuts to prevent them from breaking inside the box when moving them around. Be sure to label all of your boxes to make things easy to find.

Create Multiple Walkways

Be sure you can access everything in your unit, including the back by creating walkways throughout your unit. Have a center aisle (or more depending on the size of your unit), as well as space around the perimeter and another aisle across your unit. Keep items you plan on using or will go back for frequently up in the front to make them easier to find.

Even the smallest storage unit can store quite a few items as long as you organize everything properly. Talk to your storage unit sales office, like one at Empire Self Storage, for other organization tips.