Embellish Plain White Drapes With Floral-Themed Fabric Strips

28 December 2016
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if you purchased some new floral-printed furniture for your living room and would like to embellish the plain white drapes that cover the windows in the room to complement the furnishings, complete the following project. When you have finished, the drapes will look new and add beauty to the new ensemble of furniture that you own.


  • detergent
  • washing machine
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • towel
  • measuring tape
  • fabric pen
  • scissors
  • floral-themed fabric
  • sewing pins
  • fusible web

Launder And Iron The Drapes, Prepare Floral-Themed Fabric

Take down the drapes and launder them in a washing machine that is adjusted to a gentle setting. Hang the drapes across a clothesline to dry. Afterward, use an iron to press each drape. While ironing, place a towel between the iron and each drape to prevent scorch marks. Lay the drapes across a flat surface. Decide which parts of the fabric you would like to embellish with a floral design. Measure and mark the fabric. Cut strips of floral-themed fabric that are the same size as each measurement.

Use Fusible Web To Secure Fabric Strips

Cut a piece of fusible web that is the same size as each floral-themed strip of fabric. Line up the strips of fabric with each mark that was made on the drapes. Lay a piece of fusible web underneath each strip of fabric. Use sewing pins to temporarily secure the fabric strips and the fusible web pieces to the drapes. Plug in an iron and adjust it to a high setting.

Place a towel over one edge of one of the strips that you would like to permanently adhere to the drape fabric. Move the iron over the towel for several seconds. As the heat from the iron warms up the fusible web, the web will melt. As a result, the edge of the floral-themed fabric strip will be permanently adhered to the drape fabric. Shift the towel so that it is covering another part of the fabric strip and move the iron over it. Continue shifting the towel as needed and ironing each fabric piece until they are all secured to the drapes.

Hang Up The Drapes And Care For The Fabric

Remove the sewing pins. Hang the drapes up in the living room. The newly embellished drapes can be laundered in the future as long as your washing machine is adjusted to a gentle setting. The strips of fabric will remain intact during each laundering session. After the drapes are clean, they should be hung up to dry before they are placed over the windows in the living room. 

Contact a company that specialises in window treatments for more ideas.