How To Remove Coffee Stains From A Granite Surface And Apply Polish And Sealer

22 December 2016
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Remove coffee stains from a granite countertop's surface by completing the steps below. Once finished, restore the stone surface's shininess with a coat of granite polish and prevent future stains by applying a coat of sealer that is designed to be used on stone surfaces. 


  • granite cleaning agent
  • soft, cotton cloths
  • stone polish
  • buffing sponges
  • stone sealer

Remove Coffee Stains And Polish The Granite

Apply a small amount of a granite cleaning agent to a soft, cotton cloth. Move the cloth back and forth over the coffee stains. As you apply pressure to the back of the cloth, the stains will lighten. Apply more of the cleaning agent if it is necessary, until all of the stains have been removed.

Apply a few drops of polish that is designed to be used on stone surfaces to one side of a buffing sponge. Begin polishing the counter in one of its corners. Move the sponge in small circles as you consistently press against the back of the sponge. Add more drops of polish to the sponge when it is needed. Polish the entire granite surface. Wipe away extra polish with a clean, dry section of the buffing sponge.

Apply Stone Sealer To The Granite Surface

Protect the granite by applying a stone sealer to its surface. Pour a small amount of stone sealer onto a buffing sponge. Apply the side of the sponge that has sealer on it directly against the granite. Place one hand on the back of the sponge and move the sponge around in circles  Once the sealer has been rubbed in, eliminate excess sealer by wiping it from the counter's surface with a cotton cloth.

The coat of sealer that was applied will prevent moisture from penetrating. Therefore, if you spill a liquid onto the counter's surface, you can remove it with a slightly damp cloth and will not need to worry about the liquid being absorbed in the stone surface. Once liquid has been eliminated, the granite surface needs to be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth.

Maintain The Granite Surface

Care for the granite countertop by cleaning it with a standard granite cleaner on occasion. Remove wet or dry substances that spill onto the granite surface in a timely manner. Never clean the granite with products that contain harsh chemicals and always use a soft cloth when applying a cleaning agent to the granite surface. Contact a company like Artisan Granite & Marble for more tips.