6 Things You Can Do To Make Cleaning Your Windows From The Outside Easier

22 December 2016
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Perhaps you're in desperate need of window replacements. In the meantime, a good cleaning might temporarily improve the appearances of your home.

Cleaning windows on the exterior is unfortunately a bit more challenging than simply going into each room and cleaning windows from the inside. The following are six tips to make exterior window cleanings both more convenient and more effective:

Make ladder safety a priority

If you're going to be cleaning windows from the outside on a second or third floor, make sure you have an appropriate ladder to get the job done safely. Also, you need to take special care to ensure that the ground upon which the ladder rests is solid and secure. 

Choose a day when the temperature and the weather are just right

The best weather for cleaning outdoor windows is a day that's not too hot and sunny but obviously not below freezing either. Try for an overcast day, and try to clean windows when they're in the shade. Extremely fast drying when sunlight is shining on your windows is more likely to result in streaks and imperfections.

Use a squeegee when cleaning rather than paper towels or a rag

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee for a reason. Squeegees are best for avoiding streaks and resulting in a pristine finish.

Try dish soap for the most effective clean

There are a lot of different commercially prepared window cleaners out there, but the truth is that dish soap is probably the most effective cleaning option.

Dish soap is formulated to allow for a pristine clean with no residue even upon microscopic inspection. A commercial window cleaner might not be formulated with such demanding goals in mind. It's therefore a good idea to give dish soap a try since it's inexpensive and effective. 

Take window screens away and rinse them off when you clean your windows

Dirty window screens can detract from the appearance of your windows just as much as dirty window glass. When you clean windows from the outside, be sure to remove screens and hose them down as well for the most comprehensive clean.

Look out for hard water residue and know how to avoid it

If your home has hard water, it might prove to be especially difficult to get your windows clean. However, you can combat hard water deposits by adding a bit of vinegar to your window cleaning solution.

Another thing you can do is use a scotch pad to scrub off stains or even gently scrape off residue with a sharp tool like a razor if necessary. 

For more information about window cleaning, replacement, and installation, talk with professionals or try these guys.