Outdoor Decor That Gives Your Landscape A Whimsical Appeal

21 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you want your backyard to look and feel more like a fairy tale, there are many fun ways you can give it a whimsical appeal. Lighting and other decor can make your landscape glow with fun personality and charm. Here are ways you can make your landscape look like a dream both day and night.


Outdoor lanterns can be used to illuminate the glow of candles or to showcase the soft glow of yellow bulbs for a romantic, whimsical appeal at night. Consider stringing a line of colorful paper lanterns across your patio or hanging candle lanterns from your trees to light at night when entertaining guests. Small solar light lanterns planted without pattern in the ground light up at night in a soft blue or yellow glow to illuminate your foliage in a charming and mysterious way.


When designing your yard with childlike whimsy in mind, don't forget that your foliage is as much decorative as it is functional. Plant large ferns along your house's property line or at the base of trees. Let ivy climb your home or patio. Large sunflowers, colorful snapdragons, and stunning poppies add color and exuberance to your yard without being too overwhelming. Ground coverage matters as well and helps fill in bare garden areas with color and texture. Consider colorful moss varieties, lavender, lamb's ear, morning glory, and even baby's breath as filler foliage for your base coverage in a garden setting.


Add a few garden gnomes or little frog statues to your colorful areas to give your landscape fun texture. Or, add a park bench to the center of your backyard so you can admire your unique landscape whenever you wish. A cobblestone pathway cutting your yard into sections is a great way to make a larger landscape appear more filled in, and lining it with cheeky potted plants (such as petunias or gardenias) complete the look well.

There are many ways you can use outdoor decor to give your landscape personality and add a sense of whimsy to your home. You can use pretty lighting at night to illuminate your yard for a relaxing and charming effect and you can let outdoor statues give your property a fun appeal during the day. There is no theme you have to follow or particular trend you have to adhere to in order to make your yard fun and inviting at any time of the day or night.