Why Choose Cable Railing For Your Decks, Stairways And Fences?

12 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you want a fence around your property, railing around a deck or something new for the stairs in your home, there are many types to consider. It can be challenging to know which is most suitable. While all materials have their pros and cons, cable railing can be an excellent choice for many settings. Here's why.

Cable Rails are Relatively Affordable

For a lot of homeowners, cost is one of the most important considerations for anything they're purchasing for their property. Cable railing can be more affordable than vinyl or wood railing. The reason for that is you won't be paying for large panels or numerous, heavy slats; your only costs are the cables that will wrap around your space and the frame for them to sit in.

Cable Rails Allow You to Take in the Surroundings

If you choose another material for your fence or railings, you might start to feel a little isolated from your surroundings. If you have a beautiful view of mountains in the distance or a lake below, your view is likely to be impeded by a bulky structure in your sight line. With the barely-there appearance of cable rails, you can appreciate your surroundings much better. Cable rails allow every space to retain an open feel that incorporates everything around it.

This openness can even be welcome indoors, particularly if you don't have much living space. Using cable railing will help the living space seem bigger and more modern compared to thick wood beams or vinyl rails.

Cable Rails are Low Maintenance

Maintenance is one area where cable rails are superior to wood railing in particular. Cable rails are generally made from stainless steel, which is much better at handling rain, snow and sun that wood is. Wood has a tendency to warp, rot and generally decay; steel cables do not. Wood needs regular protective coatings to keep it in good condition; cables do not. You'll do much less maintenance on cable rails than wood rails, and you will be happy with the time and money you save.

Cable Rails are Pet-Resistant

Cable railing stands up well against pets. If your neighbor has a dog, for instance, a cable rail fence could save you from having to make repairs because the dog is scratching the fence or urinating on it. As a result, you don't have to worry that your relationship with your neighbors will deteriorate as a result of fighting over your fence.

With all these reasons to select cable railing for your property, you might be able to be understand why it could be a great choice for your family. Consult retailers of cable rail in the area for more information.